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Larry McCrary


Larry’s roots in aviation began at an early age when he started flying as a teen. He graduated from Southern Illinois University Business and Aviation schools, briefly flew corporate, and then entered into aircraft sales in 1980 with Hawthorne Aviation. In 1988 he went to work for Piedmont Aviation, which eventually merged into Landmark Aviation.


Piedmont/Landmark was a Beechcraft franchise and a prominent pre-owned aircraft dealer, handling various aircraft types. Piedmont also had first-class maintenance facilities and a large charter department. Larry was always a top producer, for both Piedmont and Beechcraft.


Being involved with a company of this stature was an invaluable learning experience in all facets of corporate aviation – not only sales but also maintenance, charter operations, and flying in general. In 2009 the sales team left Landmark and formed Piedmont Aircraft Company, keeping the name of the company that so many clients respected.

Larry is an ATP-rated pilot with around 7500 hours, has an A&P mechanics license, and years of professional sales and tax training, earned on the job at Beechcraft.

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